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Fire visible from the lake last night?

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Last night i was driving around 10-10:30 PM along Jefferson in Grosse Pointe. There was an orange glow in the sky at the North end of the lake. It looked like there was a major fire off in the distance. Anybody know anything about this? Maybe i was just seeing things.
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I read that in the paper yesterday but it is probably too far west to see while looking north from the lake.....

But I didnt hear anything about a fire up that way. Perhaps another member here (afireman is a New Baltimore firefighter) would know.

Thanks guys, but it was actually Thursday night when i saw it.
It's so difficult to try and estimate how far away fires are. It could've been North of the lake and inland quite a distance.
Maybe someone else saw it.
It was the Chemical plants in canada. There burn off. I could see the red glow from Flint, and the flame from Richmond. Dont know why it was extra brite.
Burn off from chemical plants? Sounds healthy. Thanks for the reply.
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