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First Visit to Anglers Point

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I made my first visit to Anglers Point and was very satisfied with the service, quality and price of the live bait. It will be my regular shop for that area. My fishing buddy was also pleased when he saw the Emerald green shiners and large crawlers, he too will be a regular customer.

Always received a cold customer service at Selfridge. One time bought a dozen minnows and recived 13, what a deal!
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Yeah, I think Angler's Point is well on their way. Sucks for me that they're right outside the gate at Selfridge and I pass them every day on my way to work. My truck somehow steers itself into their parking lot and my hands start picking up Brunner Runners and other baits and what follows is my wallet opening....
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That is the way it is suppose to happen Esox. LOL I need a new supply of blades and beads and hooks and wires and and and and. You get the point.

Good Fishing All Going to try to get my boat out for its maiden voyage in a week.
esox you may have passed me a couple times at the gate this spring. We working on the new barriers. My journyman said an outbound vehicle actually jumped it like a ramp on a test session
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Anglers Point is great. They even have a dock for your boat.

They have the biggest shiners I have ever seen.
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