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Fish finder Location?

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I'm replacing the fishfinder in my driver console of my triton and was wondering where is the best location for it. I could put it in the console where the current one is or on the cap of the boat next to the cosole. My question is will it last if it's on the cap not protected by the console? I would like to put it on the cap, or is it worth the trouble of putting it in the dash?
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Each has its ups and downs....

In the console you cant remove it easily, although it is protected from waves and other things. You also subject it to the pounding from the roads.

On the cap, you can remove it easlily. It is subject to abuse from rough water (bracket failing, rogue waves, tree brances, etc.) BUT you can remove it when storing or trailering.

I like to remove my electronics before towing.....its your call.

Since you had one there already, what are you going to do with the gaping hole?

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I was just going to leave it and in the future put a new gps in there.
I just installed a Lowrance LMS-480 on my Triton this spring. I used a RAM Mount and put it next to the console. It works great. Easy on easy off, plus its rock solid when tightened down.
I prefer mine in the console for 2 reasons:

- Easy viewing. When running in bad weather or high speed, a quick glance down and I get the info I need very easy.

- Secure mounting. I've heard to many horror stories of gimbal mounted units ending up in the drink. I wonder how many units the Miracle Mile or Lake Erie have taken?

As far not being able to remove it, not an issue for me. I take mine off once a year in the winter. The rest of the it stays in the boat. Never had a worry about theft at a hotel either (probably cause my unit is ancient now a days).
I also think the removal during trailering is over-hyped as well. They go through 10x more abuse on the water then the do on the road. IMO.
I know you have done some miles in your vehicle Alex, but the run to Erie Metro by car is almost as bad as by least it can be smooth in the morning by

There are other hazards to trailering your electronics, not just vibration. Rocks can be deadly to electronics @ 60MPH. The constant vibration has also been linked to the leaking of the units. I am sure some of you have noticed "fogging" of the display on the inside.

One negative that I have heard about in dash mounted electronics is they are more likely to be subjected to extreme high temperatures. If you store your boat covered in the sun on a 95 degree day, your boat and electronics can get as hot as 130+ degrees under a cover.

That may not be a huge issue here in MI, but it's something that them southern boys better consider.
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