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Fish Finder Wattage

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I'm in the market for my first fish finder and have done a LOT of research on them. Because of its nice price, I'm looking at the Lowrance X47. Its pixel count and all other features are great and would be fine for what I need. It only has 800 Watts peak to peak power, though - on the low end for all finders I've seen. Does it matter that much? What are you getting with a higher wattage unit? I don't plan on fishing in water deeper than probably 80' - ever.

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Becareful looking at "wattage". Alot of people see the 1000 watts peak and think they are really getting something but they may not be if the continuous wattage is low. Peak to peak is not as important as continuous in my opinion, but it's just that, my opinion. When looking at pixels you should consider the screen size also and figure the dots per sq. inch. My .02.
Check out the Lowrance web site. If you are a BASS Federation Member, they give one heck of a deal to members. I just purchased LMS 320, $453 + $9.99 shipping. Everywhere else is selling that unit $549.99 plus tax.
Agree about the Lowrance discount if you are a Michigan Federation member. If you need information on that let me know and I can get you in contact with out Federation President who has the information as well.

The 'high' power units will loose the bottom when fishing in shallow water of the lower power units. I specifically went with GlobalMap 2000 because it had lower power than the LMS-350a. I had the 350 on another boat and got tired of it loosing the bottom when in 3 foot of water or less. Not that you really need the depth finder at those depths, but you had to turn the unit off/on to clear it up and then wait till the GPS found its position again.

I would not have any problem getting a unit with 800 watts.
Thanks for all the great advice - looks like this unit will work fine for my purposes.
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