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I was interested in getting my old man a new fish finder, but I am not quite sure which one to get. I was hoping to get a little info from everyone out there.

Our current fish finder is old, maybe 12 years old and doesn't cut the mustard. Basically, what I want is a unit with the following features:

Clear, large screen
Boat Speed

GPS and route tracking would be great, but I think they are much more expensive. Looking to spend about 3 hundy.

Boat Speed is especially important to me as we troll alot. Also, our existing fish finder has a transom mount transducer. I noticed many of the new ones are not transom mounted. Any preferences on this.

I have seen in the past that Bottom Line has what appear to be nice ones. I have also seen Lowrance, Hummingbird, etc..... Probably avoid Eagle as these appear cheaper.

If you can recommend one that you have experienced that would be great.
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