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Fish Fly report

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Going out this weekend, are they bad yet?
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I have lived in New Baltimore for 11 years and this year is by far the worst! We had a solid week of fishflies day and night - they were in the yard by the millions at 7 am when I left for work and still there at 7 pm when I got home and the neighbor said she saw them all day long. We've never seen that.

As a result, all sorts of fish are not hungry. And I am inundated every time I cut my grass. Last week they even were in my underwear after cutting, and I wear jockey shorts!
QUOTEI wear jockey shorts!

LOL, fishflys in your jockey shorts....

they weren't too bad friday at Strawberry, but I'll bet they're real bad now.

We saw one stuck to a window up near Bad Axe Saturday when we stopped for lunch.

I wasn't sure how it go there, maybe he caught a ride in someones jockeys. LOL!
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Do they effect certain areas differently, based on the wind direction? It sounds like New Baltimore is hosting the ones that usually visit me in Clinton Township. Last year, I recall having to hose the bastards off my windows several times. This year, I've only done it twice, and they haven't really been that bad.
I remeber one year while i was stationed on Selfrdige when i turned on my cycle to go into the base I did a 180 spin out. The little buggers were so thick my back tire slipped.
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Nothing last night at Selfridge DNR ramp, maybe they knew I was coming. Or the storm was coming.
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