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fishin last weekend

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took 2 friends to a spot i been fishing for the last
3 weekends in a row limited out each day
using spikes waxworms and minnows
purple jigs, green with silver backs
jimmie did the double limit with gills and perch
ricks first time fishing got the 2 dollars we bet on biggest fish
we started at 700 fished till 500
we were near the spill way
we never moved fish came in and out people drilling holes all over the place
sit 5 minutes and leave
we cleand fish for two hrs
i wish i could tell were but last time i did there were people driving
allover the place and sitting on my lap
really! a man spudded a hole 3 feet from me
any body who knows were i work part time in the summer will know were the spot is
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so in terms of general location, were u outside of the spillway on the lake, or inside the spillway
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