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Yesterday, I took two of my grand kids out on Maceday lake and they made me work up a sweat as they each pounded the gill and sunfish! Boy did they have a blast, and I really enjoyed watching them having so much fun!

Later in the afternoon, my sister called me from out of town yesterday, (whom I haven't talked to much in the last couple decades, mostly because she lives too far away).
Anyway, I told her I was thinkin'about takin the day off (today), and was goin' fishin by myself to Lake St.Clair.
I then asked if she had to work, and she replied "Nope".
I said, okay come on over, spend the night, and we'll go to the lake in the morning and catch some smallies.
Okay, now my sister never was a real fisherman, but she does enjoy a challenge, and accepted.
She was worried about the lake, and of course I told her no big waves, just little ones.
Well, she remembers what her brothers were like, so she was a little apprehensive to believe me.
So I had to come clean, and I let her know that if the water was going to get rough, I would head back to the launch in plenty of time.
Well, we launched at south river road at 7am,
headed out toward metro, and she had a blast as we ever so slightly porpoised across the water.
Of course a teeny tiny little spray got her a couple of times, and she thought I did that on purpose.
, but I really didn't.

Anyway, I tossed in a couple of Rapala tail dancers, and started dragging them around.
First ten minutes, cought a 2.5lb smallie and I had her pull it in. She loved it!!! 48 years old, and hadn't really fished since she was a little girl!

But by 9am the water started to get a little chop, and I had her at the wheel while I was deweeding a line, and she would squeal a little about the wave trying to work over the bow(
) so I thought just to be safe, and to help keep her dry, I would head back.
She called me back and let me know that any time I don't have any one to fish with, to call, and she'd be ready!!!

Kinda gave me an idea, maybe I'll try to make plans and take each and every willing family member out fishing, and have some fun on the pond, and a little old family one on one that we can all remember for years to come!
Hey, I think I might need a bigger boat!!!

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Great story i hope others follow your wave of enjoyment. Family is always # 1 the rest follow.

h2o<--says wtg Michigan Mike
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