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I plan on coming to Mitchells bay to catch some Bass/Muskie/ Pike. Can someone give me a good fishing report? I have been coming for the past 5 years and I usually do great. I hope I'm not to late this year for some great action. The info I need is:
Water temp
Bass action
Bait- I usually use Avacodo/red flake tube for bass, Spinner for Pike ,Muskie
Water levels- Last year very low -hard to get around the reeds and vegitation
If anyone can help with some or all of the info I'd really appreciate it. Thanks Kentucky fisherman

KY Kid,

I really don't have any info but I grew up fishing for walleye over there. My Dad kept his boat at the Mitchells Bay marina when it first opened. Anyway, your questions will get more responses down on the fishing board. When you get to the main forums page, scroll down some and you'll see the fishing forum. Not trying to kick you out of lake discussion, but you'll get much more info there...

Good luck.
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