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I was surfing the web when i decided to look at a few chartes' web sites.

Everyone of these sites had 5lb smallies nailed to a board.

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I couldn't agree more. I was at Bass Pro in Cincinnati a few months ago and they had a guide with a booth set up in the store. He had two driftwood mounts with six 5 lb. smallmouths on each one. His photo books had hundreds of photos of smallmouths nailed to a board.

I asked him how he felt about killing all of those fish. His reply was "none of my business what they do with them".

I wanted to punch him. Twice.
It's a bunch of crap!!

I've heard them say it's good for business....BS

I hope they have a good time eating those fish!!
I betya that most of them don't get eaten either!! They end up fileted..then thrown in the freezer for a year,...then get thrown out with freezer burn!!..
I wish the Charter's would offer more C&R too...and fish more often with artificials!! IMHO
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how could keeping and killing 5 lb bass be GOOD FOR BUSINESS? thats a 5 lb bass that no client of that guide will ever catch again. now i want to punch him twice. guides should be settting an example. they make there living on the water just like pro fisherman. those fish are there livelyhood. what a crock of $hite. catch and release would ensure a more succesful business in my opinion.

madman himself
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How about educating the clients? If anything, I would think a good charter would recognize the importance of C&R and would educate their clientele about its importance.
It makes me sick to my stomach to see all of those dead bass. I will be chartering on LSC for smallmouth, STRICTLY catch and release. I have had alot of people tell me it's going to kill my chances of being sucessful. I think today's angler understands the importance of preserving the fishery and will hopefully still come.

thats great that you will be strictly catch and release. me and some friends were talking about getting a charter on lsc to fish for some smallies and learn some new areas of the lake. tell me where i can get the info on your company and i will start throwing the idea around to my pals.

madman himself
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QUOTE(Daytonian @ Apr 28 2003, 10:15 AM)It makes me sick to my stomach to see all of those dead bass. I will be chartering on LSC for smallmouth, STRICTLY catch and release. I have had alot of people tell me it's going to kill my chances of being sucessful. I think today's angler understands the importance of preserving the fishery and will hopefully still come.
Looks like there is one intelligent charter captain here.

Daytonia, I don't think they will let you advertise here but PM me with your info and i'll refer people to you.
As long as content is added on a consistent basis, especially a charter captain that is giving current info, I dont mind if he/she plugs the company for business.

FYI Gerry Gostenik is also a guide that is SRTICTLY catch and release. He fishes BASS tournaments and can be reached at this site (click here). Tell him Mini sent you. He is also a former Great Lakes Biologist....

As for the killing of fish, we all need to remember that it is legal to do so. The MDNR feels that the smallmouth population can survive if we all keep our 5 each day. This may be true and it is a persons right to do so, especially for food. BUt a charter captain can also instill some truth to the situation by educating his clients that the big ones arent as good to eat as the small ones. Let the big ones go and grow. The smaller more abundant fish are the ones that should be kept, if any.

With all that said, I do believe Catch and Release works, and I practice it 100% with bass. Walleye, crappie and perch are a different story. I will keep enough for only two meals, only if I plan on cooking one of them the same day.

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Got the picture. Totally Rediculas!!! 30 fish in the 3 to 6 pound range nailed to a stinkin board.

Say that one charter has a hot week and goes to the same spot twice a day, for 7 days. 6 people on each outing = 60 fish gone per day. 7 days = 420 fish never to be caught again.

The pictures you see out on the boat with the old digital, and at the scales of someone holding up a 5 pounder (me), look a whole lot nicer knowing there still out there swimming around to be caught again.
It's the typical gomer attitude of the customers, the weekend warriors. These guys don't get out much so they're not understanding of what you guys are saying. I should know because I'm not too far removed from being a weekend warrior. Two and a half years ago, before I started the show, I'm not sure I would have understood your attitude twards the whole C&R issue. . .but thanks to people like, John, Kenny, Brunner, 'Nuge and so on I now get it. I think you guy's should come on the show in two weeks and talk about it. My audience is full of weekend warriors who need to hear this stuff. I've never been on a bass charter so I'm not aware of what the situation is, but I'm sure if we present it in a positve way, everybody will understand. If the customers start telling these Captians that catch and release is what they WANT to do, the Captians will have no choice but to comply. You have an open forum on my show. . .you have a voice. . .use it !
The change has to begin with us and I'm with you guys all the way. Education is the key !
. . .B.
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You're a stud Bob,..what a great offer!! As Mini pointed out,...people have the "right" to keep their limit...and I'd go to my grave defending that right,...but common sense is the key here. There's EXCELLENT eating fish,..walleye, perch, crappie, 'gills.....and then there's even better "game fish" that are far more sporting and not as good Muskie, Bass, and Pike (just a personal observation guys,,,,,don't go off on me about Pike,..i just don't like all those "Y' Bones!!
!!..LOL) Anyway,..if people came on to your show and talked about the thrill of catching MORE fish than they ever have before, via a guide's services or some friend taking them out,'ll do wonders to help spread the excitement of the sport and all it has to offer. It will also do wonders to encourage more people to practice C&R on a regular basis.....nothing at all wrong with telling a guide,....."I want to catch a few 'eyes to keep and eat,...but I want to spend a 1/2 day going after some TOAD smallies or a Muskie or whatever else we can catch.....photograph,...and release!"
There's a lot of options available,....but as you pointed out, is the key,.....and it's up to US to spread the word! Keep what you want to eat,...and release the rest......we'll be assured they'll be there the next time you want to go!
...Keep up the great job Bob...your show is a perfect venue for the sportsmen and women's voices!! We're lucky to have a show available like that!! Let's keep it going!!

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Thanks Mac. . .what most people don't understand is that we're up against a hundred years or more of the "well that's the way my dad and grandpa did it, so. . ." Back then they diddn't have the issues, nor did they have the knowledge we have today. I'm sure if we position it as being a responsible sportsman and show all the good that can come from it. . .the audience will accept it. Naturally there will always be those people who won't be told anything by anybody, but we can get around the gomers. I want to try to hook that segment up for May 17th. . .we could go at least an hour and take phone calls from the listeners. . .Let me know if you're available. . .B.
I'm open on the 17th Bob. Bob
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...No,..I'll be down in Kentucky fishing that FLW (Actually I'll be working the FunZone for Ranger on Saturday), but I'd be happy to call in and give you a tournament update!!
...that would be cool!! Let me know,...I'll make sure to write it down so I remember!! LOL
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"what most people don't understand is that we're up against a hundred years or more of the "well that's the way my dad and grandpa did it, so. . .""

Wow! Did you hit that nail on the head Camp-2-Fires! I've been off and on trying to change the Michigan bass season since 1987. Lately, I've been working at it with a vengeance. I'm just tired of waiting for people to come around, I guess.

Actually, your whole post there, explained what changing the bass season is mainly up against. I've posted research information including from Michigan, numerous fisheries biologist interviews, and explanations I've gotten right from fisheries biologists and I get a number of guys who want to oppose me BECAUSE. They just keep repeating the same, old tired quotes that the available research and data, and the majority of other states do not accept or support.

I've slipped a few times and gotten frustrated with this same old story approach since I've heard it all so many times before it pretty much ignores real data and information. I'm trying harder to take the approach similar to your suggestion. Give up on the guys who just can't change their mind and try to be even-keeled with the people who will, if not open to the idea, at least be fair about why they feel the way they do.

Catch and release does more for our bass than the closed season does. You catch and kill a big bass in any month and it's guaranteed to never spawn again. I do believe in responsible use of the resource. I'm not a purist who thinks you can't keep fish now and then for a fresh meal. I rarely do mainly because I'm not a big fish eater. It sure is nice to have a public resource like your show. Say hello to my friend Wayne Carpenter next time you talk.
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