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So this young man moves from Texas to California and starts to look for a job in sales. In a major retailer that sells "everything under one roof" he lands an interview and the manager likes him. He tells him to show up the next day and he will return to the store to see how it went after the store closes.

The next day after the doors are locked the manager sees his new employee and proceeds to ask him:"So how many sales did you have today?"

Employee: "One...."

Manager: "One? Our salesmen average 20-30 sales a day! How much was the sale for?"

Employee: "$101,347.17!"

Manager: "WOW on one sale? What happened?"

Employee: "I sold this guy a small fishing hook, then a meduim sized hook, and then a larger hook. He needed a new fishing rod to use the hooks so I sold him a new rod and reel combo. Then I asked him where he was fishing, he told me down the coast a few miles and I told him he need a new boat to fish the coast. So I took hiom to the boat department and sold him a new 35' fishing boat with twin engines. Now realizing that he cant pull the boat with his little Honda I took him to the automotive department and sold him a new 4x4 GMC Tahoe!"

Manager: "Let me get this straight, this guy came in for a fishing hook and you sold him a truck and a boat?"

Employee: "Actually no, he came in to buy tampons for his wife and I told him "Well your weekend is shot you might as well go fishing!"


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Mini lol my wife wants to talk to you.

h2o<----------needs a hook
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