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1. What Pacific Salmon DOES NOT DIE after spawning?

A. Chinook
B. Coho
C. Steelhead
D. King

2. The 1993 film Grumpy Old Men', which features 2 feuding ice fisherman, is set in what Minnesota town?

A. Duluth
B. Longlake
C. Wabasha
D. Winona

3. When was the fishing hook invented?

A. Medieval Times
B. Frontier Times
C. The Renaissance
D. The Stone Age

4. How many years does the Carp live in the wild?

A. 10 yrs.
B. 25 yrs.
C. 30 yrs.
D. 23 yrs.

h2o<--- says let me know if you enjoy these!!!!
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Well Mr H2o, here we go again. Since you were the person who so kindly introduced me to salmon fishing, I hope i dont let you down...

1) C- Steelhead / Trout

2) C - Wabasha, one of the oldest towns in Minnesota

3) Thats a tuffy. I'll take A) medevil times

4) Carp. My favorite. Generally lives in the wild 20 to 25 years, so i am really thrown off by the 23 in between... Ill take my chances with

B, which i 25
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1 C... is definately the steelhead,
i just read tom watts column last thursday about the steelhead spawning run up the clinton river, and just before the ice was out i saw a guy catch a nice one on 4# test, 28" 10-12 pounds , in conger bay.. he did not make it up the river, ended up in the frying pan!

2 ? i haven't seen the movie, so it would be a guess, one in four odds ?

3 C... renaissance
i think they were using rocks and clubs in the stone age, which is prior to the bronze age.
8th to 15th century medieval times they had a lot of swords and cato nine tails i am picturing spears and such.
renaissance was the transition from medeival to modern and the arts and civilization.
frontier times seems to recent

4 C 30
i am hedging towards 30 they seem like a pretty hardy fish, except for the ones that get near my spear or bow and arrow!
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1. C. Steelhead

2. C. Wabasha

3. D. Stone Age ( surprized )

4. B. 25 yrs.

h2o<--says need more participents
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