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Hi Guys,

Sorry that i haven't repoted in awhile, but i had a hard time re-logging into the site since the site has changed.

Anyway, I'll get right down to it!

Fishing has been hit or miss pretty much everywhere on the American side of the lake.

S. River Rd. has produed very few fish in the last couple of weeks. Although a good bunch of guys found success on Friday in both the Clinton River and Bay side (Campau Bay) of the DNR access. The best bite occurred very early from 7am to 9 am on firetiger rapalas. After 10 am the best bite was happening for guys using wigglers. Guys took quite a few 11 inch perch that day.

Selfridge success has been very spotty. The last good report came from guys fishing way over to the right (south) from the DNR access. They were in 6 FOW and using a variety of baits. They said they could bring the fish into the hole with some aggressive jigging with a spoon or swedish pimple tipped with a minnow, but then would have to finesse the fish to bite with a small tear drop and spike (maggot). Most guys are reporting seeing a lot of fish, some very big ones at that, but most are unwilling to bite.

Cotton Rd. success has also been very slow. Guys are repoting a lot of the same thing that fisherman are saying at Selfridge. I fished there myself and seen very few big fish and a lot of small ones. I was out in front of the Salt River. It seemed from what guys said and with my own experience of fishing out there that you are either on the fish or not. Fishermen said that they would be fishing for a couple of hours and not see a fish and a buddy of theirs would be no more than 30 feet away from them and be seeing all kinds of fish. Why this is occurring is a mystery to me but it appears to be luck of the draw as to wether you are going to catch fish out there or not.

Brandenburg Park i have not seen a good catch or have one reported to me from this area in quite awhile. I know sometimes guys do well out there at night, but i have not heard of a good bite out there in the last week or so. The best bite usually occurs out there within a 100 yards off the tip of the fishing pier.

Not much of a report but i hope it helps ease some hurt egos knowing that most guys aren't having much success. I hope things pick up for last ice.

Also, please be careful out there the high winds today have opened up a lot of water especially around South River Rd. Watch out when crossing pressure cracks ice shifting this time of year happens often. With a lot of open water south of Selfridge crossing any major pressure cracks around Selfridge or Cotton Rd would not be wise. Be Safe and remember no fish or amount there of is worth risking your life!!!

See ya at the ramp,

Jeremy Maranowski
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