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Ice conditions on North Lake St. Clair are good and improving. Ice is three to four inches thick up to a half mile off shore. Anglers need to be carefull however especially near flowing water and farther out on the lake. Carrying a spud to check the thickness of ice is still advised. High winds from the west can also separate the ice and create large open water areas after a fisherman has passed

The best fishing is happening at the Cotton Road access area. Parking is limited so anglers need to arrive early or have back-up plans. Most anglers are jigging with minnows, spikes and wigglers and catching perch in the 7-9 inch range. The best fishing Sunday was in the afternoon for most anglers with catches of 30-60 perch between two guys common at Cotton Road. A few pike are also being caught.

Fisherman need to remember that it is legal to spear perch and pike through the ice during the months of January and February. This technique can be very effective on those days when the fish are there but just won't bite.

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