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Hi Guys,

Well finally things have picked up!

If you all have not already heard guys are taking a few limits out of the Selfridge launch. You really can't miss where the guys have been getting them, just look for the 100 or so anglers in the shanty town to the south of the DNR access. The anglers with the better catches have been taking them on minnows or jigging rapalas. Although, just about everybody has their own little trick or tactic to get the big ones to bite. Most fish are of respectible size from 8 to 12 inches, but some guys are keeping some smaller ones to polish off the limit. The anglers are reporting that the fishing isn't exactly easy you need to find the fish and make every attempt to stay on them. Don't sit in one spot to long if you are not catching fish keep moving!!!

I haven't heard too much about Cotton Rd lately, being that most anglers in the area are at Selfridge. I have heard that a few guys have caught some nice fish in the area, but most of the action is spotty.

Brandenburg Park has produced a few nice catches lately. Althought conditions near the ramp are deteriorating. Action is scattered here as well.

Reminder: the ice at the ramp at Selfridge is slowly breaking away making the gap at the bottom of the boat launch wider and wider. So be cautious when heading out or coming in while on your ORV's and especially while walking.

Be careful out there guys, watch out for offshore winds and thin ice!!!

Good Luck, i'll see ya at the ramp.

Jeremy Maranowski
DNR Creel Clerk
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