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Has anybody been doing any Walleye fishing in Lake St. Clair? I normally go between metro and the spillway this time of year, but with the water levels and the temps I'm not sure it is worth the trip. Thanks in advance for any and all input.
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We went out yesterday from 5 till 9pm and caught nothing. Water is very dirty right now from the storm this week and there is a lot of debris in the water. I fished all over the bay using jigs, crawler harnesses and even tried shad raps for a little while. Had a surface temperature of 59 degrees so once the water cleans up a little the fishing should be good.
Still probably a little early for the Ginos/Metro Beach area. I would guess within the next few weeks fish should be showing up there. Right now I would stick woth the detroit river or near the mouth.....

That's what I figured. THANKS for the updates!! It looks like another weekend of yard work....
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I was out off of fairhaven on Tue and picked up 6 pike, 4 on a red/white yozuri, 2 on a copper crawler harness while trolling. Also got 2 smallies on the harness. No eyes or perch to be found, haven't even heard of any being caught. My liliac bush is just getting ready to bloom so it won't be long now!!!
"The Lilac Bush never lies...."
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