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Hello again there fishers. This is Cory from the southern Lake St. Clair route and have this weeks fishing report.
Walleye are still being caught south of Metro Beach down to the 400 Club. The depths vary from 7-12 feet. About 1 mile out. Many boats are trolling and drifting with crawler harnesses. Colors range from white, gold, bronze, and cream with red dots. There has been many limits caught here still.
Walleye are also being caught down at the Dumping grounds or also known as the Delphine channel. The depths here are around 8-13 feet. Most boats are drifting with crawler harness (colors previously specified).
Perch have just started to be caught out by the St. Clair light around buoy #26. The depths here are around 18- 20 feet. Crawler harnesses are being used for this species also. No limits have been recorded yet, but boats have brought in amounts totalling around 20-25.
Perch are also being caught where the Walleye are, but these are hit and miss. Smallmouth bass are being caught along the mile roads from 13 mile down to 9 mile, in and around shore. Many boats are using tube jigs. Choppers are a popular selection. Colors vary from natural colors to deep browns. Another hot spot includes, about a mile out from the coast guard station there is shelf with a weed line in a moon shape around it. Casting over these weeds seems to be a common practice. No reports of pike or Muskie right now. Most Muskie are being caught in Canada.
Thanks everyone hopefully this helps and goodluck this week. Bring them in. Cory
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