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QUOTE(h2o @ Aug 24 2003, 06:37 PM)When tieing your knot hold the tag end just right and pull the other part of your line and you won't have to cut the tag end. I do this all the time,while tieing the trilene knot, people go I don't believe that.
I tie mostly Palomar knots and do the exact opposite. Reason being I want the tag end to absorb all the stress, stretch, etc as I'm pulling it through the knot, instead of the end I'm fishing with. Trilene knots are different and you can do as you mentioned and it will ensure your knot is good and tight.

Other tips...

Spray your line with WD-40 after you spool it up and periodically if it is starting to feel a little "ripe".

Consoladate your tackkle. Believe it our not, I roll with just 3 plano boxes and 2 small soft sided bags. Everything fits in one normal size tackle bag. I bring only what I know I'm going to use and leave misc and spare gear at home. This saves a lot of time on the water as I don't have to dig through my gear to find what I need. And Dan, it will get you a couple of extra miles per hour out of your rig!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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