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Since I usually only have questions on this site, I am happy to say that I actually can report something today. Got a chance to get out on the lake today for only the second time this year. I don't have a boat, but my uncle has a 16' that we took out today from the 9 mile launch and headed south towards the Grosse Point Yacht Club. The lake was very busy today around this spot and being in a small boat, you definitly had to be looking all around you to make sure you weren't going to be taking wake sideways from a larger boat. We almost did a few times due to some boaters not giving much room when the came speeding by. Anyways, we were fishing just south of the yacht club in about 14 1/2 FOW and getting marks on the finder like crazy with limited success for the first hour. After the first hour my uncle caught a nice size small mouth while jigging just above the weeds. Soon after the marks on the finder just stopped and stayed low for the next hour as we moved around the area. We began to troll back towards the 9 mile launch when I had a nice smallie take my rapala only to throw the hook a few seconds later close to the boat. The fish throwing the hook was purely my fault beause I for some unknown reason let the line go slack for a split second. All in all in was a slow day fishing, but never a bad day when you get out on the lake.
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