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Tomarrow will be great Bob. I'm getting out. May seems like april. Showers alot. Winds will be perfect tomarrow 10/11/04.

h2o<---understands bad weather!!!
I got out yesterday, and saw a few guys from this board. Fishing the mouth of the Clinton river, and one said he'd tried in Anchor bay and didn't do great. Taking that advice after casting behind Selfidge for a few, we ran up to Bob's old spot in Bouvier bay, behind (formerly Bud's) the restaurant. Water was 57-58 at selfridge and 60-62 up where we were. lot's of schooling in the channels behind Bud's, and plenty of action. After that cooled off, we tried some canals just to the East ,Bob, and killed the Pike in there. Caught some Pike before you get in those canals also. Some cabbage finally coming up. All Pike were in 4 feet or less. Caught around 40 pike, nothing huge, about a dozen legals. So with all those pike and (other) fish, we had us a hundred fish day. Not a bad spring day at all. I usually just follow that 60 degree temp down the lake and do well.
Don't think so morning will be rough. Water dirty, fish mad at H2o and me. Thats life.
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My best so far this year is a 27 1/2 pound Carp. WOW
Morning will usher in NNE winds of 7 that's my kind of perfect and will maintain those mph's all day for the most part.

h2o<----know's chuck, chris, jerry, and oh yea Dave Schultz from the weather channel. lol
Walleye Time
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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