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A man calls home to his wife and says,
"Honey I have been asked to go fishing
at a big lake up in Canada with my boss and several of his friends.

We'll be gone for a week."
"This is a good opportunity for me
to get that promotion I've been wanting
so would you please pack me enough clothes for a week
and set out my rod and tackle box.
We're leaving from the office and
I will swing by the house to pick my things up.

Oh! Please pack my new blue silk pajamas."

The wife thinks this sounds a little fishy but
being a good wife she does exactly what her husband asked.

The following weekend he comes home a little tired
but otherwise looking good.
The wife welcomes him home and asks if he caught many fish?

He says, "Yes! Lot's of Walleye, some Bluegill, and a few Pike.
But why didn't you pack my new blue silk pajamas like I asked you to

[You'll LOVE the answer]

The wife replies; "I did, they were in your tackle box."

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I think that I've heard another version of this one.

If my memory is correct it was about deer hunting.

I think Mini, Mac and Neeley tried this same joke of Muskie Bob.
...................... now where is that bow...........................?

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LOL......we did mess with ol'Bob a couple of times that weekend, but his silk jammies are off limits!! Homey don't go there!! ahahaha........besides, i think Bob told us he sleeps in burlap jammies!! "That's all they had on the beaches of Normandy"...or something like that!!

BTW Bob,...good seein' you again at can still hang with the young dogs!! LOL
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