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Macomb Daily Article Here

Those interested in water quality, and/or the flow of the St. Clair river to Lake St. Clair, might be interested in this study. When you go to the site below, you'll find pretty cool animations that show the flow of the river.

Water for about half of the residents in Michigan comes from the 80-mile long waterway formed by St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair, and Detroit River between southeastern Michigan and southwestern Ontario, Canada. This study will develop a sophisticated computer model to identify likely sources of water to public supply intakes and provide a basis for planning emergency responses to contaminant spills along the waterway. The flow model is being developed by USGS in partnership with MDEQ, City of Detroit, USACE, and NOAA. Information is also coordinated with Environment Canada. The flow model will provide two-dimensional (depth-averaged) flow information in real time, and will provide a basis for future water-quality studies to describe the transport of sediments and the fate of conservative and non-conservative constituents.

More details are available at this site;
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