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Just read this off of the FLW site "Day 2 Results" talking about Scott Martin after having a very good day.

"Martin, who, it seems, fished out of a jet boat Thursday in order to gain access to some extremely inaccessible backwater up in creeks. That option will no longer be available to Martin or anyone else, however, because in Friday and Saturday's fishing, competitors will be fishing from Ranger boats provided to them."

Forced to use a brand new Ranger boat and not responsible for damages????? I think Scott's options are still open and with a half Mil on the line, there will just be one busted up Ranger in the parking lot!!!!

This bracket system that FLW uses really doesn't make much sense to me. Aaron Martens is out with over 20#s and some Herren guy is still fishing after weighing only 13#s. This doesn't make sense. Then the weights are zeroed on friday and Saturday and they start over.....?????????? What are they thinking!!!! I don't see how you end up with the best fisherman winning, more like luck of the draw and having one good day.
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