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Free Puppy

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I will try to get pictures up before the end of the evening. Cassie went to visit a couple of friends and tell them we are back and all that and came home with a puppy
. It is about what looks like to me around 7 weeks old. Definate Shepherd something, supposedly collie a bit too. It's adorable, but I don't have time for a puppy at the moment and she doesn't either
. ..........................SOOOOO If you are or know someone looking for a baby dog, this one is nice and sweet and playfull and curious and has all the adorable qualities of a puppy and would surely make a great family pet.
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There are 8 in this litter. All need a good home.

-- sorry guys, I have it in bitmap and jpeg and I can't get any pics to up-load
how about e mailing me one.
try number 3


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That is about the best that I can do after converting it from a jpeg to a bmp to a gif
Convert the original pic to a jpeg, then resize (resample in some programs) it to a smaller pixel. I haven't reinstalled my software yet that does that....If you have probs. email me the pics and I'll install, resample and post for you.
Email me the originals Hazy.
I'll bet KoreanDeli would be interested in the whole litter!
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Call Snowbi and The Boss. I hear that they are suckers for a cute puppy.
Thank you threecrabs.

This little guy is so cute. He follows me everywhere.
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He is! I'm drooling here.....

A friend of mine just called me asking if I was interested in a 4 yr. old shepherd, too. Some 82 yr. old woman fell and completely broke her shoulder, so she will be having a couple of surgeories and be in the hospital for a while.....
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If anybody in interested in any of these pooches, let me know, or better yet, let Veronique know.


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he is so cute Hazy!!!!

My neighbor's sister is losing one of her dogs this week
(inadvertendly just typed "dongs" - hee hee)

anyways, I'll ask her if she's interested for you.

Now, did somebody say king dongs and a big cold glass of milk?
QUOTE(Boater2be @ Aug 11 2003, 08:49 PM)Call Snowbi and The Boss. I hear that they are suckers for a cute puppy.
Not me. That's just my wife.
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