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With weekend looking shaky i decide to do an afternoon fish...started out in my honey
hole which has pulled 598 big perch so far this year,the particular spot has been great for about 4 weeks..but has now started to thin out in that area and smaller fish are now i went looking and it did'nt take long to find them...alittle over 1/4 mile
i got right back on the hogs..every body asks me if i'm fishing the st clair light...i am no where near the st clair light and don't care to be..i dont fish with other boats period
never...fisherman step outside the box...find empty water and fish's a big fricking
lake...anyway i put 40 really nice perch in the cooler today..tossed about 30..could of
got my 50..but a birthday party stopped i said try water you never fished
you may be suprised....later

year to date perch wrapped and stacked 638


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