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Launched off Selfridge about 3 PM, and man was it a freak show at the launch site. Must be impossible today.

Anyhow, no action where it was madness on Monday. Water temp was 78 there, and I'm sure the fish moved to cooler water, but wherever they went I couldn't find them. Lots of big globs of floating weeds and algae, probably churned up by all the boat traffic, made the area almost unfishable. Cleared up further out and upwind, toward Salt River.

After leaving the former hot spot, worked the bay further out at depths 8-11 ft and surface temps from 75 to 69, with just a couple quick rips, one on a 13 inch Grandma around dusk. Caught a rock bass on a lipless crank I briefly ran on a lighter spinning rod just to catch something, and got another rocky on a 6 inch lure after dark.

So far trips have alternated from great action to almost nothing, with the weather chasing the fish from the previous outing's hot spot. Time to move along...
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