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Friday, July 3rd Fishing Report

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I waited nine years for a chance to fish the Canadian side of Lake St. Clair. When I ordered the license, the weather report was good. Of course when the big day came, the wind sucked. I headed for the Belle River Hump with a couple of friends. It tooks us 20-25 minutes to get there from the St Jean launch with the wind at our backs. That said, we still encountered some big waves. The area was completely unfishable. The waves where so bad, I saw guys at the Canadian launch refusing to go out. We hung around for 15-20 minutes till we called it a loss. With the wind coming out of the NW, there was no way we could fish that area anytime soon. The trip back took us about an hour. We could only travel at 10-12 mph into those waves.

The day wasn't a total loss. The American side was fairly calm. I fished from the Delphine canal down to the point. The water was about 68 degrees, and very clear. I caught about a dozen smallies 12-16"inches. I worked a small black jig on the bottom. Each of my buddies struggled. I think the light line I was using made a difference.

On the way home I fished Peche Island. It was very clam, but surprisingly murky. I had hoped to catch a few walleyes in the deeper river water, but no luck. We caught a couple of bass and called it a day. After reading the report of the guys that capsized in Lake Erie, I thinked we made the right decision. Better to be safe than sorry. Becareful guys. Wear your lifejackets.
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