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i think vandam put it best when he said something along the lines of moon cycles and barometric pressure are important to the fish, but he rarely pays attention to them because if you get your mind set on the idea that when the pressure is falling then the fishing will be bad, you will not be as confident when fishing during these periods. and we all know how important confidence is when fishing. same goes for the moon cycle. if you pay too much attention to what the moon cycle is then on those off days your not going to fish like you would during the new and full moon cycles. it all comes down to confidence. if the barometric pressure or moon cycle is what you base your confidence on ( for best fishing days ) then you are cheating yourself.

this was good advice in my opinion, because i would constantly be checking the weather channel and looking at my moon cycle calander to see what was going on. if the day looked bad, i would fish accordingly. what i mean by that is i wouldnt expect to do well, therfore i wouldnt fish well.

since watching his video, and taking his advice, i fish differently. now i just let the fish tell me what they want and i am fishing with more confidence. especially on days that i would normally be discouraged.

this year has been one of my best, if not the best year of fishing i have had ( not counting tournaments
and i honestly feel it is because i am paying more attention to the fish and not letting other factors interfear(sp?)

this is just an opinion. im not saying that these two factors do not have an impact on the fish/fishing. im just saying that I choose to just fish, and not let the weather man or the man on the moon tell me whether or not im going to have a good day.

madman himself
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