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Dove Bill: The vote on the bill to allow for Michigan's mourning dove season has been postponed until early January. We are still working on obtaining sufficient votes to ensure that HB 5029 will pass the Senate. While the vote is still not certain, one thing is very clear; it will not pass without the help of you and your friends! Here is what you need to do:

· If you reside in Oakland County in Groveland, Springfield and Brandon Townships please contact Senator Deb Cherry at 866-305-2126 (toll free)
· If you reside in Wayne, Romulus, Taylor, Allen Park, Melvindale, Lincoln Park Ecorse, Wyandotte, Riverview, or Southgate please contact Senator Ray Basham at 517-373-7800.
· If you reside in the Upper Peninsula please contact Senator Mike Prusi at 517-373-7840.
· If you reside in Calhoun or Jackson counties please contact Senator Mark Schauer at 517-373-2426.
· If you reside in the southeast corner of Kent County, Senator Bill Hardiman needs to hear from you. He can be reached at 866-305-2129 (toll-free).
Please inform the Senators' offices that you are a resident of their district and you want them to vote yes on the Dove Bill. Better yet, while they are home on Christmas break, visit them at their local office hours and tell them that as their constituent you want them to vote for the Dove Bill. All of these offices have indicated to us that they have not received many contacts regarding the Dove Bill. Your phone calls will make a difference!

1,174 Posts
Dove Bill Clears Committee - Set for Senate Vote!
> > All right people, the good news is the dove bill just
> cleared the Senate
> > Judiciary Committee today. Now we stand staring into the
> eyes of the
> one
> > hurdle that ealier cost us the enjoyment of a dove season here in
> Michigan
> > by ONE SINGLE VOTE - the Michigan Senate! Let's not
> look back on this
> > issue "wishing" we had done just a little bit more to
> garner that one
> > critical vote. Just like last time, when you tally the
> "expected" NO
> votes
> > and the "expected" YES votes, it's an awfully close call.
> But there are
> > several senators that have not decided how to vote on
> this issue. They
> have
> > stated that they will listen to the people - the calls,
> the letters,
> etc.
> > They want to hear from YOU! We need ALL sportsmen to
> pull together and
> take
> > this historic opportunity to make their voices heard and
> improve our
> quality
> > of life here in Michigan. Contact info is included below.
> > **********************************************************
> > FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (March 30, 2004)
> > From the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
> > Contact: Doug Jeanneret - (614) 888-4868 ext. 212
> > Beth Ruth - (614) 888-4868 ext. 214
> >
> > (Columbus) - A Senate committee today approved a bill to
> make Michigan
> the
> > 40th state to allow dove hunting. A Senate floor vote is
> imminent.
> > Sportsmen are urged to contact their senators in support
> of the bill
> today.
> >
> > The Senate Judiciary Committee passed House Bill 5029 by
> a vote of 4 to
> 3.
> > The bill authorizes the Michigan Department of Natural
> Resources to
> > establish a dove season. The bill was amended to allow
> the creation of
> a $2
> > dove stamp with fees being split equally between game and non-game
> funds.
> >
> > In November 2003, the House passed H.B. 5029, introduced
> by Rep. Susan
> Tabor
> > , R-Delta Township, by a vote of 64 to 44.
> >
> > "Michigan sportsmen responded to action alerts from the
> U.S. Sportsmen's
> > Alliance and its partners in the Michigan Hunting Rights
> Campaign and
> now we
> > are one step closer to a dove season," said Rob Sexton,
> U.S. Sportsmen's
> > Alliance vice president for government affairs. "Michigan
> senators must
> > continue to hear from sportsmen constituents so that when
> the floor vote
> is
> > taken, they know to vote yes on House Bill 5029."
> >
> > Michigan sportsmen should call their senators today and
> ask them to vote
> yes
> > on HB 5029. Remind them that doves are the nation's most popular
> gamebirds
> > and state wildlife experts support the season. Michigan
> sportsmen can
> find
> > their senators and get contact information by using the
> Legislative
> Action
> > Center at or going to
> clicking on the "Related Sites" link. Sportsmen may also call (517)
> 373-2400 and ask for their senator's office.
> This press release courtesy of the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance and
> . For more information, contact The U.S.
> Alliance, 801 Kingsmill Parkway, Columbus, OH 43229. Phone: (614)
> E-Mail: [email protected] .
> <><><><><><><>
> The SE Michigan Bowhunters Chapter of Safari Club International has
> established this e-mail network to mobilize large numbers of sportsmen
> whenever a quick response is needed to protect our rights. It is our
> that those in our network will forward the alerts on to other sportsmen
> their e-mail loop or network. We also use the network to periodically
> sportsmen informed of items of interest. For your privacy, we list the
> addresses of those we send to under Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) so as not to
> include their addresses to others as the messages are forwarded along.
> If you would like to be removed from our list, simply reply back stating
> your wishes with REMOVE in the Subject Line.
> For chapter membership information, simply reply back requesting
> Information" in the Subject Line
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