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if you know where cheap gas is in the detroit metro area post it here price and location. you can even post marina's prices also.
here is my tip: the gas at a speedway on jefferson and shook rd (may be crocker) it was a 1.94 thursday evening, last friday it was 1.88 it was cheapst i saw between livonia and the macomb co. area. Also you sams club members may have access to cheap gas. also is a great place to find low gas prices in this area.
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i filled up the truck and the boat at the "citgo" in fair haven. acrross from verniers. i paid $2.09 for premium when it was $2.23 in new baltimore. this was friday 05/14/04.
There's no such thing as cheap gas anymore. I was told $3.00 is not out of sight.

h2o<---fills up now when it's half full doesn't seem to be as bad, even though it doesn't matter.
Do you remember how most of us felt when the price of gas reached 1.00? People were outraged and can this be? This is robbery...In time we became acclaminated to the price being *so high*...

Now that gas is 2.00 plus, are we over the shock and will become used to this also?

This morning on MSNBC, there was a report that gas prices will continue to rise due to the threat of terrorism and the possible gas shortages due to summer demand in the US...It must be that we did not have a *summer demand* last year...
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i was up near alpena this past weekend and gas was $2.16 for reg. ouch. if it keeps up this way, we wont need an early season, no one will be able to afford filling the boat up anyway.

madman himself
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We'll still fish. It will just guarantee we stay closer to our respective homes and the hardest hit areas will be those reachable by electric trolling motor...
Madman nailed it...This is a conspiracy that the DNR is doing. Gas prices are goin up so we wont fish for bass. Then there will be no need for the longer season. And no need to deal with bass fisherman.

Or not...

Gas prices suck....I "didnt" fill up this morning. Put 25 bucks in the truck...only got half a tank, but I dont let my tank get under 1/4 so I have 3/4 of a tank...Gas was 2.06 for regular.

I will concentrate my fishing on three inland lakes that are within 10-15 miles of my house. All three have decent LM populations and the cost of gas will not be so painful...
i hear that larry.

thank god i live in an area where i can be on 1 of 10 or more lakes in less than 20 minutes.

White Lake
Duck Lake
etc, etc, etc...

madman himself
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anybody else doing the May 19 "gas boycott"?
i keep getting the e-mail to pass on, i'm doing it
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$1.97 at Tieken and Rochester rd in Rochester.

My petro is $1.63-$1.69 to buy. OH yeah I use diesal in my truck.
I saw that gas boycott email a couple years ago when it got very bad. I do not believe it will work. You cannot do any damage by not buying gas for a day. If nobody buys today, they will the next day, or within a few days. Let's face it. We need gas. I saw another email come out about a year ago, which is more sensible. Target specific stations that belong to one oil company. For example. Exxon-Mobil. I cannot remember all the stations belonging to them, but it is online. Stop buying from these stations for an extended period of time (like a month) and that will do some damage. You can buy from stations belonging to a different company. Then switch. This way, we can hurt one company at a time, and still get gas. If we could get enough people to do this, I think it might work
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Just One More I think your proposal is a much more sensible option because you are correct if we stopped using gas for one day they just make up the sales the next. I would definitely support hitting them one at a time where they have been hitting me which is in the WALLET! It's not enough I drive 60 miles each day to and from work but then there is the added cost of pulling the boat out two times a week.
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