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Hi there,

Im deperately looking for a place where I can get the ignition key of my sea ray (says mercury on the key) duplicted.
Tried mikes marine, boat US,home depot, mejer, and 2 local locksmiths they all say they cant copy it.
Any idea where I can get it copied ?

thanks and enjoy the weather !


Try Harv's Hardware on Jefferson by North River Road.

As an aside, we lost one of our keys and were in a hurry to get to the water. I ran up to a local large chain hardware. The guy cut a key and we went to the launch. I started the engines, but didn't notice the ignition with the new key was stuck in "start" mode. One fried starter later (producing lots of smoke), we learned the new key was a hair thicker than the original, causing it to stick.
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