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Got out on the ice about 8:30.
Went out to the north to where there were several fishermen between the 2 larger groups.
Picked a large out area an augered 2 holes.
Using a rap with a red egg tipped with a spike, I immediately caught 6 8-10".
Then the dinks moved in and it was dink city.
I opened a couple of new holes a few yards apart.
Caught another 10 good fish over the next couple of hours.
Saw some guys bringing in a few about 50 yards away.
Moved in between them and hammered another 10 good fish.
Several were 9 to 11 inches.
Caught probably over 100 fish, kept 30.
Caught a bunch on a small wonderbread tipped with a red egg and spike.
Caught a bunch on a black and yellow tear-drop tipped with 2 spikes.
They would not bite the rap or wonderbread without a spike.
Tried minnows and did not get 1 hit on them.
Tight lines all. View attachment 71067
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