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Had another awesome day on LSC today, got out real early and was fishing before 6am, went out in front of Gino's and the water was absolutely beautiful, a lil fog, with some twilight, and got to fish with my favorite partner, she recently picked up a new bait caster, and she loves it after today, we didn't kill em but the fishing was pretty good until about 10am, basicly fished the edge of the murky water and the clearer stuff, trolling around 1 mph pretty much the whole time, almost no wind early, we got three nice LM bass, the wife got two incl the biggest(between 18-19 inches measured) she also got a 14 inch rock bass who had a bad attitude, and we also got into some more of those beautiful punkinseeds including some 9 inchers and some perch around 10 inches average size.

All fish were caught with bottom bouncers and harnesses, flourescent green was working for me, and Sue used a hot pink/black (matched the pole) wing spinner rig, in the clear water you could see the bottom, water temp about 66 degrees.

Man I feel so lucky every time I get out on this awesome lake we have, and next weekend we'll be fishing on Black Lake. Good luck everyone.


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