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Girl's Names

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I thought I would bring up a topic I brought up a couple weeks ago (this place could use some lightening up!)
Here are the finalists for our daughters name... My wife and I are determined to figure it out this weekend.


Thanks everyone for their help!
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I like Lauren!

Hope that helps!
My vote is for Lauren also.
When my wife was pregnant with our son, we had picked names for both a boy or a girl. The girl's name we had come up with was Ashley Claire. Feel free to use it, no charge.
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Lauren, Morgan or Ali!
Good luck....

My favorite name for a girl is Payton... HOPEFULLY if i ever get prego.. it will be a girl and we can name her Payton- unless Pauline takes it first!
QUOTE(manana-II @ Dec 5 2003, 09:31 AM)Lauren, Morgan or Ali!
That reminded me of the "Wizard of Oz"

Lauren, Morgan and Ali OH MY !!!!!!!!

My new niece is named Ellie
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I like Delaney or Morgan!
I am a Delaney fan too! I have a friend who named her daughter Delaney and it really is a becoming name!

Very rare too!
I have to say Lauren would be my fav....
One of our best friends has a daughter named Payton, love that name but I would feel like we were stealing!
Obviously you guys know it's a!!! I liked Ashley, it was on my list but not on my wife's. Carly was on both of our we went with it. When is your wife due??? Hope everything is going well!!!

Congrats! Carly was on MY list! My wife is just about 6 months along, and although we did find out, my son is convinced that he will have a little brother! We did the same thing, came up with seperate lists, combined what was common, and are whittling it down... Are you getting any sleep?
I like Alexa!!!!
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