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Going Out This Afternoon For 2nd Time

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Looks like my son and I are going out around the north end of Selfridge or Cotton Rd area this afternoon around 4:30pm. Can anyone offer any advice? I would like to drive out there, but am not sure of ice thickness or how far to go. As long as the wind is low, I guess the walk wont kill us (at least not him).

This may sound stupid, but we are learning. This is only our second time ever out ice fishing? Obviously we are taking minnows and wigglers, but wax worms? Are these really mad of wax? or just a name for what we call grubs (for lack of a better name), usually packed in sawdust or similar material and about 1/2" in length, egg shell white in color.
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WOW! 13 views and no one can tell me what a wax worm is?
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Watch for cracks and slush, use a spud in front of you, if you are putting up a shanty, don't put it up all the way and have your son hold it while you dig the holes, believe me the wind seems to be 5 times stronger out there and the shanty will act as a sail. I chased my shanty one year from Bud's across Anchor Bay to the Colony.

As for the wax worms, the ones you get in the little cup of saw dust are living grubs, sorry to say I think some places call them maggots! I don't know nor do I want to know if they are or not. They do catch their share of fish though. There are also some made by Berkley Power grubs, which are plastic or some such material. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
"or just a name for what we call grubs (for lack of a better name), usually packed in sawdust or similar material and about 1/2" in length, egg shell white in color. " - just to clarify these are wax worms. Good luck.
OOPS messed up on that last one.

I was trying to say that I was at selfridge today and I have been doing pretty well there for about 2 weeks now. Wigglers have been woring the best but minnows and wax worms wrtoo when the fish want a diferent look.

I have been fishing about a 1/2 mile out to the left. You will know where it is there will be a pack of shantys. Once you pick a spot you should be seeing fish right away. Dont be afraid to move if the fish stop coming in for more than 20 minutes pick up and move a couple hundred yards.

The fish seem to like the bait sitting still with little or no movements.

Hope some of this info helps. If you ave any questions just put up a post and I will try and help you if I can.
Thanks for the tips. We got out yesterday, 2/11 around 4:30pm and walked straight out and a bit to the left and set up the shanty. We got blown around a bit and even got airborn with both of us in it. I got blown down on my a$$ and about 30 feet across the ice on my back. My son couldnt stop laughing.

We saw fish as soon as we cleared the holes. Tried minnows and wigglers and all they did was look back. Had one take my son's minnow to the tail, but spit it out before he could set it. We headed in when we couldnt see in the shanty any more and ended up getting a ride back as we couldnt make head way with the wind. The gentleman who gave us a lift (THANK YOU) said he was throwing back anything under 10" and did real well. Using a read tear drop with spike and mousies (what ever they are). I'll know by saturday when we try and head out again in the am till about 2pm. (I have to work at 4)

I'll let you know how we do. Sure would like to catch at least one this season (also our first season. This was only our 2nd time out)
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