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Good day today

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So I was excited to finally have enough time to take out the free boat today. New plugs, New gas, runs great in the driveway. Should be good to go. It ran and idled well during launch, then died as soon as it went in gear. Maybe that's why it was free. No big deal, I'll figure it out another time. On the way home, my van died on Gratiot in the middle lane. The friendly drivers wouldn't let me over while coasting to a stop so there I was in the middle lane with a not yet registered to me trailer, a dead boat and a dead van. Some people were nice and waved as they passed. I think something was wrong with all of their hands though. It seemed that they all only had 1 finger. Walk home, get the Camaro and a few things, go back, limp the van/boat combo home, walk back and get the Camaro. It's ok. I still have tickets to see Dead Weather tonight. Me, a female friend and my neighbor and his woman. He's supposed to drive and he's stuck at work as well as my female friend. Doors are in 25 minutes.

maybe I'll go back to sleep and start over.
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Oh, you're supposed to wait for them to let you over? That must be why I get so many of those one fingered waves. I use my turn signals as a signal, not as a request. If I put it on and don't get over, i'm lying, right? I find that people may get angry at me, but they still hit their brakes and I still manage to get over

Seriously, I hate it when people won't let me over. But I'm one of those a**holes that'll get over anyway. Sometimes, when I put my turn signal on and see the guy gun it to cut me off, I give him an extra second before getting over anyway just so that he has to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting me. And if he hadn't tried to cut me off, he wouldn't have been cut off himself!

Sounds like a rough day, but at least you got it dealt with.
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When you turn on your turn signal, you are indecating your intent.

You still must wait for traffic to clear the lane, before you move into that lane.

If you recieve a ticket it will probably be "improper lane usage".

Sorry Dude
LOL... drive much?

I use the signal. It means i'm getting over. I don't put it on unless the lane is clear, or clear enough to make my way in without really being a dick. If you decide to make that lane not clear, i'll give you a second to be a prick, then i'll get in front of you anyway, let you slam on your brakes, give me the finger and yell at me, then i'll give you a nice "thank you" wave (the one with all the fingers).

That's the way I do things, at least. If you put your turn signal on to get in front of me, I will give you room. If you don't make your move within a rather quick amount of time, i'll decide you're too slow for me to be behind you and then i'll go. And that applies to everyone... semis, cars with trailers, etc. Seems like everyone else goes out of their way to keep trailers from getting in front of them. Sorry... but I have to make my lane change sooner or later, and that turn signal wasn't a polite request, but a warning.
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