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I did pretty well fishing from shore between metro beach and the end of south river at a friends house. lots of jumbo perch in the shallow water right by the seawall, even the smaller perch were really meaty. about a hour before dark, i started casting a black jitterbug and picked up 6 bass in about 45 minutes, and missed what looked like a good size musky. the bass were all largemouth between 1.5lbs and the biggest being just over 4lbs. it was definity fast action and just about every cast i had a swirl or a sunfish come up to attack it.
i tried minnows earlier in the day for the perch, but the bass wouldnt keep away long enough for the perch to bite.
if you guys go out looking for the bass, try that shoreline, plenty of docks and hardly any boat traffic.(lots of floating weeds though)
Good Luck
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