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Good Luck to Those Fishing The Everstart

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I would personally like to wish each one of you good luck at this week's Everstart tournament on Lake Erie.
Especially Alex Esselink, he's been working hard for 4 days trying to put a good pattern together.

I would also like to wish Jeff Harris, and all of the other LSCN folk that visit this board.

Once again, good luck and be safe.

Joe D
Yes I will be fishing too..... I can't wait.
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Good luck Alex!

Catch all 5.
I'll be there, looking forward to a few days off work for some competitive bass fishing. I might be a little bias but I believe we have the best sport in the world! Good luck to all the local guys!
Well 10-15mph south winds will probably get Erie a little bumpy for the first day. Shouldn't stop most of the guys but I fear Friday and Saturday's post frontal conditions might make for high winds and horrible conditions on Erie. With anglers making the cut and going for $60K, I can only guess there will be a lot of risks taken. I wish all those fishing, the best of luck and I hope the winds cooperate.
We had those winds today and it wasnt that bad....

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