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Good Muskie Tip

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A certain member of this site recently reminded me how important this tip is. Especially for inexperienced muskie fisherman that don't know. Here is the tip............

These fish are MEAN and ANGRY when you catch them. If you have been dragging them in from a distance out then when they get to the boat they tire a little more than if you hook one casting. But this tip goes for casting(jigging) AND trolling. Everybody likes to get a picture and a measurement of a monster. However there CAN come a time where it is imparitive to get your catch back into the water and on her way. 2 yrs ago Pete Maina had a ski jump right onto the front deck of the boat. You should have seen the concern on his face and how quick Pete got that fish back in the water. He even cut the hooks right away because he knew it would take some time. It is not un normal for a ski to start thrashing in your arms during a photo as well. ESPECIALLY casting fish hooked close to the boat and brought in quickly. If this happens to you or your buddy's on the same boat the best thing to do is to do whatever it takes to get that fish back and breathing in the water. Even if you have to cut the hooks and not get a satisfactory pic or measurement. It may be the difference between life and death or a retarded muskie for life. I was dropped on my head a couple times when I was a youngster and thank God I didn't come out too damn retarted

GOOD LUCK OUT THERE and I hope you get one in the boat to practice proper catch and release
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I learned this lesson helping my buddy land a 40"er. Hard to hold one when she wants to wiggle, almost impossible, that is for damn sure.
Here's a Next Bite episode on the DR where a ski jumped in the boat.
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