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Good 'skie body bait planer boards

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I bought a couple of riviera's with my mast & I have to say they really don't like pulling big muskie lures very much. Where can I get boards that will handle big baits?

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Make your own for sure, I made mine for about $30.
Get some plans off the net. Great ideas on there too and very easy to elaborate....I am going to make a pair over winter.
Here`s a link to plans for home made boards. They work great and are inexpensive to build.
I found a few plans but they look like walleye boards. Did you guys tweak the designs at all like making them bigger? or anything else?
Most of those bigger boards are fine, its the releases that handle the bigger hard pulling baits. You need a tighter release.
Here are some plans for Triple boards

I am going to make a set of These Doubles

I am not trolling for ski's though,, mostly on Erie so I don't think I need the triples but the triples should pull better with big baits
After reading the description on the triple boards that is exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks Crawdad!
QUOTE(heimskr @ Aug 6 2009, 10:25 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>After reading the description on the triple boards that is exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks Crawdad!

I had the same question as you awhile ago and after some research ended up designing my own.

This is what I use with no problems running up to 4 large body baits with no problems.

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View attachment 65056

Just make sure to watch out for small watercraft because they will take them out! Lol.

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Make the ones muskyaddict has up, I have the other ones made out of 1 x 8's. They work fine most of the time but in
the fall when you start wanting to pull bigger baits they get drugdown, they still run though.

I am planning on making the 1 x 10 type soon....

I made mine out of whitewood and regular hardware, and then painted the heck out of them.
They have lasted me 6 years so far.....
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