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Great day out there

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Took my grandson out and hit a Marsh (the reeds) area off of the Sni yesterday. He was fishing with a topwater lure (topwater spook lure) and he caught 14 largemouths, 1 smallmouth and a small undersized pike. All of his bass would have been legal sized if the season was open to keep them. The biggest was a largemouth that went 3.28 pounds on the scale.

I was fishing with a one hook wonder for sunnies and I put 13 on the stringer to take home for dinner, and 1 bullhead that went almost 14". Had a few others that I threw back. The ones I kept were all over 8". A few over 9". Biggest was 9-3/4". I casted a Jitterbug and had two bass hooked but lost them. I have a problem with both of my shoulders casting and retrieving too much.

Funny story here: When we left the spot to go home, we forgot to bring in the stringer. Got to the dock at the Decker's launch, and realized we forgot about the stringer. LOL ALL of the sunnies were gone, and the bullhead was still on the stringer. We released him as I did not want to clean only one fish, and he took off like I just caught him and released him to live again! Had to take the wife out for a fish dinner as I promised her a fish dinner yesterday, so she held me to it. Was a beautiful day with hardly no wind at all in the reeds, and clear water where you can see the bass on their beds. Saw a few large pike swim by, but no takers other than the one small one my grandson caught. Go get 'em guys!
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You li e I. God's country for fishing...I'm jelly
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