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Great Offer from Bass Pro Shops

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Look for a coupon in your mail, or get one at the store. 25% off any one fishing item except G. Loomis (too expensive anyways....get an All Star! lol) and Marine Electronics.

If you are shopping for that one cool reel, waders, tackle box etc. You will save a ton of $$$ with that coupon. Ask for it when you get in the store at the greeters desk.

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Awesome Deal John! Do you think this deal can be used for a spare trailer tire?
Is that offer good for one item or one purchase of several items? This could be dangerous.
Does this include Rain Gear as well? I am on the look out for a good quality set of rain gear that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. I know you get what you pay for but does anyone know of some quality gear at a decent price?
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I don't recall if Bass Pro carries it, but a few of my buddies have the Columbia Ibex rain suit. . .$35.00. . . .the first chance you get, get that BP 100mph suit, gortex. I don't mean to sound like a shill for BP, actually they've been realy good to me so. . .I just did a trip out on Huron last week and it was windy, I mean REAlYEFFIN windy and it got cold and I stayed warm and dry. Man, it's the real deal! I'll be fishing the Salmon Stakes Tournament this weekend and I'm taking it, I don't care what the weatherman says. Besides, you know what liars those media types are.
. . .B.
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i hafta agree with that one. i bought a 100 mph suit last season and it cost me almsot a weeks pay. but it is well worth the money. i have already got good use of it. i actually wore it last night while fishing kent lake in the cold rain and wind. i was dry and warm. if they had 100 mph gloves i would have been all set! but you cant beat the suit itself. plenty of pockets ( big pockets ) for storage. double zippered and velcro front keeps the wind out, neoprene wrist bands keep the warmth in and the rain off your arms. once you own one, the price tag doesnt seem that expensive! stay away from the orange tho, i dont know whose idea that color was, but its hideous

madman himself
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Mini, I just got back from BPS. No one I talked to knew of any in-store coupons. I use one from the paper(yesterdays Detroit news) but my father-in-law could not use one because no one knew about it(in store coupon). He bought a new spinning combo. Thats the reason I took him over there.

Maybe the tail ought to let the head know going on!!!
I ask at the greeter desk, didn't know nothing about them.

The coupon is good for one fishing item. There is a few items excluded.
Walleye Mike,

Go back to the store and ask for the duty manager. He/She will know whats up and you should be able to get your discount. Tell them you saw it here.

It is for one item in the fishing dept only, not clothing or boating accessories.

Won't have time to go back this week. Takes me 40 minutes to get there. I would save $7.50 but it would also take me 2 hours total time not to mention 3 bucks worth of gas.

Employees should have been informed ahead of time after all they do work there.
I am sure the employees were informed. You may be able to call customer service for additional help.


I was there today and spoke to the guy at the front door, he told me to go to the fishing department. I went back there and spoke with the guy who normally swins in the tank (I can't remember his name), he told me it was in the paper. I mentioned to him that you posted on this board to ask for them and he said nope. I went back and asked a customer service, who phoned somebody else and they said it was in Tuesday Free Press. WHat are the chances of still getting one, and how long are they good for. Last stupid question, can you use them for rainsuits?

The coupon is good through Wednesday April 30th. If anyone tells you that we don't have them ask for Kevin Darnell or Greg Yourst or even myself! We will get you a coupon. Yes we will take in on a rainsuit! If anyone has any questions just print this and bring it with you! Tom says it's just fine to get a great deal on what you need for fishing! The only exceptions are G-Loomis and Marine Electronics. Thanks for the support guys! Sorry about the lack of understanding from some of my staff! They were told but must have selective hearing!

By the way e-mail myself [email protected] with the info on the Combo that was purchased. Get me your address and I will have a Gift card for the difference mailed to your home for you next visit! Sorry about the poor service!
Awesome,...there you have it folks,...straight from the Horses (err...Gen.Mgr's) mouth!!..LOL

You rock Tom,...thanks for clarifying that for everybody!!
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Thanks Tom, I got it yesterday. I'm usually not one to complain, but that really got to me.
I know offer is over I am on BPS mailing list
never got offer????
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I think it was in the newspaper....I am on the pro staff and I didnt get it either....

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