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Great walleye recipe.

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Sorry, I thought I was putting this in the "fishing hole" forum.

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Jim your link doesn't work and I'm getting hungry, can you repost it?
I think I found it, was this the one you were thinking of Jim?
Yup, that's it Laura. Thanks,

I will have to try that, I have four fillets in the freezer.
Great recipe Jim, (OMOTS). We tried it yesterday and loved it. It`s a keeper.
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That is very similar to my own recipe except - I leave out the bread crumbs and garlic spices, and add some shredded mozzerella cheese at the end after the fillets are coated with the ritz and parmesan. The shredded cheese will start to burn if you have the heat too high, so make sure the oil is not TOO hot.
That does sound really good, now if I can just find the one missing ingredient....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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