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Greetings SunSeekers and other fellow boat clubs. This
article is to let you know that the boaters link is up
and running just need some thing to put in it, this is
where you can help. If you can think of any thing to
put in it let me know then this might get rolling, I
will need a Moderator to run and police the site or
just look over what is going on if you are interested
let me know I'll set you up and it will be yours
Ill help, it will be fun. FemCommodore'04 (Vilija, has
stepped up for a trial run at it) from SunSeekers
Boating Club will be the moderator for this forum. If
you have any club related questions, please feel free
to post.This forum area has been designated as a place
for you to communicate with other club members. Feel
free to talk about upcoming and past club events, to
plan outings, use the calendar, find out information
on the lake, and much much more. There will be charts
with G.P.S so you can mark anything or go anywhere.
Eventually we will have pictures, members posting
where they are heading to for the weekend (not just
from SSBC), we want other Clubs to get involved also.
Would you please pass the word?
Don't forget its color=#606420

P/C Mike Chamberlin
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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