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For all that frequent Gull Island, can you provide any advice on the best route for pulling up in a 32' boat.

We are having an offsite "Team Meeting"
tomorrow with some co-workers and lots of beer.

Avoid the area to the southwest of the island (downstream from the south channel) since it is very shallow for a long ways out from gull. On a weekday when there isn much traffic, I usually try to back in from the south with an anchor off my bow towards the channel. Once I get into a couple of feet of water, I'll throw another anchor off the stern and wade it in a ways toward shore. Last year in the fall I was able to get into knee deep water from the swim platform, but I don' think I would do that on a busy day with a lot of South Channel traffic. The east and NE sides of the island will generally be more protected from passing boats.
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