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I just got back from Guntersville in Al. Spent three days fishing, along with every other angler in the US. Ran into Steve Clapper down there also. When the word gets out about how hot the fishing is, everyone is there. We counted over 300 boats just behind trailers alone on the way out of Guntersville yesteday.
I was down there breaking in the new boat, which I bought from C and O marine in White Bluff, TN. By the way, if you want a great deal, find them in the web and give them a call.
We caught a few fish every day, but not the monsters. The weathewr was cold at night and high blue bird skies during the day. You really have to work the fish from the weed beds. And pressure, every where you go, there was a bass boat. Tough to believe on a 67,000 acre lake! But is was good to get out and catch a few.
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