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Guy question...

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Do you use a razor or electric?

If electric, which one. Is the Braun good?

Can't get a close shave for sh!t anymore. I use the Mach 3, Sometimes I look like a three year old shaved me.
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I've always used a Norelco(electric), always done a good job for me, and are easy to clean.
Good old fashion Bic Disposable......

It`s in the cream you use....I personally use regular old soap....Foamed on with a you see in old movies....Works great... When I shave that is......
never was able to use electric. I use the mach 3 also, but I have to shave either in or fresh from the shower or it's not a close shave either.
Gary ,did you try another brand of cream ,edge gel seems to work the best for me and for the electri all i get is razor burn
You are refering to shaving your face right......
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Electrics suck! Have one and will only use it when running late. Mach 3 seems to be about the best I have found so far.
has anyon tried one of those quatros yet,or what ever there called
Used to use an electric, but strictly razor now. I'm using a mach 3 that came in the mail and edge gel. I'm not that impressed with the mach 3, so when it wears out, I'll probably pitch it.
I'm using the Mach III I got in the mail also. Works decent, but wow are the cartridges expensive!

What's shakin' Rumpy?
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norelco electric or good old bic two blade but with the strip on top.
I just wanted to be the only chick to post in this thread

3crabs uses a disposable with the strip and a electric Braun after.....he can do it a couple of times a day

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Mr Sunbum uses a Norelco electric. Works pretty good. Close shave, has to repeat before going out at night, but thats the warewolf side of his family tree....

Does an ok job on my legs in a pinch.

Couldn't let threecrabs be the only chick here..........
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I like the schick disposables because they have a little push button mechanizim that unclogs the hair from between the blades. They tend to last longer than the Bics.

I tried the Mach 3. It gave me a really close shave, but I ended up with bad razor burn and a few ingrown hairs from it.

I've had a few different electrics, but I've never been satisfied with them...

I'll stick with schick!!!
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QUOTE(MrsSunbum @ Dec 2 2003, 07:34 PM)Mr Sunbum uses a Norelco electric.
Same here. I like them.
I love a clean shaven maaaaaaa'aaaan
I love a clean shaven maaaaaaa'aaaan..............

Did anyone see the silly movie Popeye with Robyn Williams & Shelley Duvall?? Now I'll never get that song out of my head. Ok the song is actually from an old Popeye cartoon......but it takes me to the movie.
Unless.....its the LARGE song.........aarrrrrugggggggggh!
bic when in the shower , softens hair up ..norelco too but usually have to shave again at night when use that.
QUOTE(Snowmaker @ Dec 2 2003, 07:59 PM)Same here. I like them.
Not everyone has peach fuzz to shave
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QUOTE(Snowmaker @ Dec 2 2003, 07:59 PM)QUOTE(MrsSunbum @ Dec 2 2003, 07:34 PM) Mr Sunbum uses a Norelco electric.
Same here. I like them.


Thise things are brutal ! rather shve with a propane torch
than with an electric shaver !
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The Mach 3 works best for me. Since I shave my mellon I have more surface to cover than most guys. I did find one interesting thing..... I try not to use a fresh blade on my neck. If I do it'll look like hamburger.
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