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Happy Aniversary Spider !

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So I wasn't planning on going to the Hamlin Pub because of Jacks on Wednesday. My cell rings and its Spider up at the pub. 3crabs and I meet Randy and Deb up there for a few beers and he tells us that today is their 31 year aniversary. Thats pretty f'n awesome. Congrats to you two.
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Congrads guys!! That is awesome and damn near a miracle in this day and age.
Happy Anniversary to the Spiders!

and you spent it with Hammer and my husband at the bar?
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Congrats Spider's!!!!!!! You have been together longer than I have been alive. LOL
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Wow! You've been married longer than I've been alive.

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Thanks everyone!!!
Spiderman, Spiderman....does whatever a spider can.....

Spider must be doing something right
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Congrats & Happy Anniversary to you both!
31 years! Thats awesome.
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Congrats you Guys!!!
You're on the way to 50.....Cool!!!

Holy Shnikies. You guys got a us beat. Hope you score!!!

Have a great day.
I made it 31 weeks before.......
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Happy anniversary,,,,,, :>)
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