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Happy belated birthday Peeker!

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Happy birthday Sandy!!! (sunday)
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Happy b-lated! Hope it was a good one!
QUOTE(pauligan @ May 12 2003, 12:36 PM)Does she ever read this stuff anymore???

She is a lurker these days.
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Hey Sanders, another chalk mark for ya, I know you had a good time and are still feeling it. Say hi to Hotdog too.
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Happy day Peeker.....

QUOTE(John Maniaci @ May 12 2003, 01:11 PM)
There is another story behind that one!!! LOL
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Happy B-Day, Peeker! You are one of the few people who I haven't met yet!
is she still on the board ?!
when was her last post ?
Happy birthday Peeker
Hope you had a great day!!!
Can't wait to party with you again, girl!
Oh I just remembered I need to call Sue
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Happy Birthday. It was nice seeing you on Saturday!!
Thanks everyone for the b-day wishes!! I am just now feeling better after partying till 6:00 am. THANKS FOCKER! I know it's been a while since I've been on. I miss talking to everyone. I only get on about once a week during school. I only have a few minutes so I don't post. And no 4U2NV (focker) I am NOT a lurker! Anyway, as soon as I find a legal secretary job I can buy that new laptop and I will be talking to all of you soon. Anyway, does anyone know of any decent lawfirms who are looking for a part-time or full-time legal secretary?
PEEKER had a real nice birthday.
she went to the casino and we lost a few bucks, and she
went to dinner in greektown at pizza poplus. mmmmm
she was so wiped out from parting saturday night till the break of dawn that she couldnt even have a birthday drink. she looked a little green when we asked her if she wanted a drink. she's outta control. gotta love her, my little sis.

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hi BASSNECK (neal),
i see someone has been pretty busy on the the LSCN
board. you finally decided to quit lurking
and start talking.
see you around out on the water dude.
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