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Happy Birthday, Basstrap896

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Happy B-day!
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Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday your back!!!
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It's so great to have friends like you guys . . . . . . NOT

AssTrap, BraStrap, I got your strap . . LOL

Thanks guys, don't forget to come on up to the bowling alley.

Mac - I've got the strap, you watch your BACK. LOL
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Uh Oh....I dont knwo if I want to go to the bowling alley

I have to get some sleep soon. I havent been to bed yet due to the Winter Storm (yea right) we had last night. I was out plowing and I have a few errands to run before I hit the hay. Call me when you are leaving Joe.

Hey trap, have a great B-day it's apparent your well liked by the crowd? Like junk yard dogs they all want a piece ........... of Cake?!!!
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Happy Birthday Joe, You look great for 60, look like hell for 50. By the way how old are you, I hope you're not in your 30's, cause I'll feel real bad for saying you look bad for 50! Yeah, Riiiight!

I think he is nearing the age of some trees in my neighborhood. I know he is older than the trees in his neighborhood!

I don't think I can wear my sandals bowling either..... Happy belated B-day
Happy Belated Birthday Basstrap!!

Hope you had a fine one. How did you bowl???


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Had a great Birthday.
Bowled OK, Didn't win any $CASH$
SOME, friends of mine showed up and had a few" Pops"
Got home safe and ..................
Sorry, a gentleman never tells . . . . . . ya baby

Thanks everyone . . . .
And of course MINI, you still owe me, and Mac I'll aways owe you.

Alex you and I need to get together for a couple of cold ones so you can
get you drunk and you will tell me all of your fishing secrets. ha
Are you calling me easy???? It's all in the sandals....

Give me a call, we need to hook up. (no pun intended)
Glad you had a good one Joe!! As long as I can stay 1 step ahead of you,..I will consider my life a success.....
Have a good weekend,....Hi to Linda for me!!
Your Wing-Man!!
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